board games

It’s Spring!

It’s been awhile. I apologize. Time has a habit of marching on, even if we aren’t ready for it to! For Christmas, we finally gave in and bought Minecraft for Truck. He now has it on the Nintendo Switch, iPad, and Kindle. It is also on my laptop, but I haven’t let him play on there yet. Our world has become a daily conversation of what is being built, creepers, zombies, weapons, etc.. We both have accounts so we are able to play together when we can. I don’t play nearly as much as he does (practically all day, every day if I’d let him.)

We have played some traditional games as well, but Minecraft seems to be where it’s at. He’s learned to play rummy and he could play war. A deck of cards is always a plus, especially when we’re hanging out at the hospital for Ninja’s appointments. I’m hoping we can teach him Hand and Foot soon.

A 2-player version of No Thanks!

Over the weekend we played No Thanks! by Amigo. The age says 8+, but T managed to grasp the concept quickly. It’s also for 3+ players, but sometimes we just have to make do and play with 2. I enjoyed the game and can’t wait to play again soon. T, on the other hand, realized that I was having him practice double digit addition and hasn’t been as keen on the idea.

I’m hoping that we’ll be able to start playing more games outside now that the weather is decent. Until then, I’m off to research how to make Minecraft teach him things without him realizing it.

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