Convention Envy

This week in Indianapolis, thousands of board game players, designers and publishers are gathering for the annual Gen Con. I won’t lie. I want to be there even though I cannot stand crowds. There are so many new games on the brink of coming out, or just came out, that I’d love to see them and try them. My budget and lack of storage space thank me for staying home.

I have been learning how to play new games on my iPad. So far this week I have played Ganz Schön Clever, Latice and Roll For It!. I have found all three games to be lots of fun and I look forward to having the physical copies so that I can teach Truck how to play.

I will be following Gen Con on Twitter and also following GenCan’t, a feed for those of us that can’t make it but still want some convention-like fun. More info, as well as a link to the two winning Print and Play card games from their contest sponsored by Button Shy, you can head here.

Simple but fun

The weather around here has been absolutely crazy. We seem to be experiencing all of the seasons in a week. It makes planning outdoor school lessons difficult. I don’t mind too much though, because then it means there is more time to be inside and play games! We have been playing some games we have made up ourselves as well as some new games that aren’t that well known…yet. I will be posting about the games in future posts. For today, I’m going to focus on a game that we play using a regular deck of cards.
The game we’ve played the most of lately is actually a solitaire game, but Truck doesn’t like to play alone, so we adjust. The cards are dealt out in the shape of a circle, resembling a clock. There are the 12 around the edges, and then the 13th pile goes in the center; each pile ends up with 4 cards. To start the game, you turn over the top card in the center and place it in its respective place on the “clock”-Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, and the Kings go in the middle. The goal is to place all of the cards in their proper clock rotation before uncovering all of the kings. When T and I play, we usually divide the “clock” in half and when we get a card that goes on the other half, we hand it over. It’s a fun game that helps reinforce basic counting and number recognition.
We have also made up our own game with the same deck of cards, but until we play it the same way twice, I don’t want to share. Truck likes to change the rules as he sees fit.
Once the weather is a little more cooperative (and I think we’re getting close,) I’m hoping to get some of the games out and play outside. What have you been playing?

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